Facebook Trick: How to Check Every Photo You or Anyone else Liked on Facebook

After Facebook Messenger tips and tricks, here we have an important Facebook trick which can save lots of your valuable time. This trick will not only save your time but will also help you to keep track of someones activity on Facebook. Yes, you can spy on your Facebook friends, see the photos they liked ever on Facebook. Not only your friends on Facebook but also you can see every photo liked by someone else such as- celebrities, your favorite idols, someone you like, your colleagues, your boss etc.
How to check photos liked by someone on Facebook

Sometimes we like some photos that contains important information, messages and later we search for that photo when needed. You can easily recall all your liked photos anytime, you can search photos liked by you in particular time period and many other criteria. We cannot keep track of all of our friends on Facebook, what they liking. But there is a way to see what other users are liking without their consent. You can also search for what photos they liked today, yesterday, this week, this month, last month etc.

This trick is applicable for both Facebook mobile app and web interface on your PC. Note that this is nothing about hacking someones Facebook account or violating Facebook terms of use. This is one of Facebook search feature. So lets get into the trick to see photos someone liked on Facebook.

How to See Liked Photos on Facebook:

Lets start with seeing own liked photos on Facebook. To see all the liked photos of your own, just type-
"Photos liked by me" or "Photos that I like"
on Facebook search box. The command will list all the photos ever liked by you on Facebook. Click on See all for the full list. More over, there are filters by which you can specific your search results by time period, location, friends and many more.
Photos liked by me on facebook

Now, to see every photos liked by someone else on Facebook, type the following command on search box.
"Photos liked by Tom Cruise" or "Photos that Tom Cruise liked"
Both the command will display all the photos that ever liked by Tom Cruise. Click on See all and scroll through all the photos.
Photos liked by someone on facebook

All right, lets explore some advance search techniques to find out more specific search results. Suppose, to see all the liked photos of yourself or someone else from the year 2017 to date, type the following command on search box.
"Photos liked by me from 2017"
Photos liked by me from 2019

You can also add some words like- this year, last year, this month, last month, this week, last week. Try out below search commands.
Photos liked by me 2016
Photos liked by me this week
Photos liked by "someones name" this year
Photos liked by me December 2017
Best way is to use the filters. Just type for a simple photo search query and then play with the filters to get customize results.
Photos liked by me on particular year

Sometimes you may not get your desire results because of privacy settings of other person you are looking for. If you are searching for liked photos of someone that whom you are not friend, then you will only see the photos that are shared publicly only and not those photos that shared for friends. Someones photos that shared with Only Me privacy or shared photos on a closed group will not include in the search results.

Hope you liked the Facebook trick. try out some of the search commands to see every photos liked by someone on Facebook. If you have any query regarding this post, please do mention in comment below. Please do share the post with your friends to spread the knowledge.


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