How to Change or Remove Tally Vault Password

Along with Data backup, data security is one of the most important task in order to protect our important data from unauthorized access. Most of the software allow password protection facility to protect their files. We can also use many third party software to encrypt, password protect or hide files and folders from open eyes. Tally users can also protect their companies from being unauthorized access by setting password protection. To set Tally company password protection, you do not need to use any third party software or tools, Tally is inbuilt with standard password protection facility and the Tally Vault Password is one of its data security system. In this article we’ll guide you set tally vault password and remove tally vault password.

Tally allow two types of data security system, one is normal data security which allow to create users and password for a specific company and another is Tally Vault Password which encrypt the company data, means if you apply tally vault password to a company, the company name and financial year will not be displayed in the company list, rather you can only see the data folder code. Today we’ll discuss how to encrypt tally data by setting tally vault password and how to remove tally vault password from an existing company. Go though the tutorial below:

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Important Note: The tutorial is based on the Tally.ERP9 but should work with other versions of Tally. Follow the below guide as it.

Change or Remove Tally Vault Password

Tally Vault password can be set at the time of company creation, while creating a new company you can set Tally Vault Password for the company or skip it to set later. If you skip tally vault password at company creation screen, later you can set it from the Company Info menu. Note that, Tally Vault Password will not be available at the company alteration screen. Go to Company Info Menu- Create Company and create a new company with vault password. See the image below.

 Now, go to Select Company and check list of companies, the newly created company name will not displayed, instead you’ll notice “*********” and data folder code (see image below). Now, to set vault password to an existing company, open an existing company. Here we’ll set vault password to “NasirTech” company.

 Now, go to Company Info Menu- Change TallyVault, select the company and type password in the New Password and Repeat New Password field and Yes the confirmation message. You’ll see a information as “Created New Company” and the serial number of new company data folder. Means a duplicate company will be create with vault password. See the image below.

Now, go to Select Company and check list of companies, NasirTech without vault password and with vault password both will be in the list, now you can delete the old company. See the image below.

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Now, to remove tally vault password, open the company with vault password and go to Company Info Menu- Change TallyVault, select the company, Type current password and press blank enter for rest of the field. Again a new company will create. Now you can delete the company with vault password.

 Warning: Tally Vault Password is always case sensitive, means while giving password make sure that Caps Lock is on or off, you can also set password by combination of capital and small letter and combination of text and numbers. Every time you change or remove tally vault password, a new company will be create to effect the change.

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You can also check out the below video guide on how to change or remove tally vault password related to the above tutorial.

Hope you now get a clear idea to change or remove tally vault password and like both the tutorial and video guide. In our next post we’ll discuss another security system which is tally users and passwords. If you stuck in any point, feel free to contact with us by using the comment form below and also share your tally vault password experience here.


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