Legendary Game of Heroes 1.7.1 Current Version Latest Update Install Download

Legendary Game of Heroes 1.7.1

Legendary Game of Heroes is the most addictive, fun & deep Puzzle Adventure RPG.
Legendary Game of Heroes 1.7.1

Enter the fantasy world of Korelis and assemble the ultimate team of Legendary heroes. Quest, battle, collect and evolve in the most immersive and strategic puzzle RPG game ever.
                               YOU are Legendary! Begin your adventure today!

Legendary Game of Heroes Game Features: 

  • Hundreds of amazing characters to collect & evolve
  • Discover, develop & unleash powerful skills
  • Fight with friends and share your spoils
  • Join a guild to participate in guild events, awaken your heroes and receive valuable gifts
  • Chat with your guild mates and strategize how to rule guild leaderboards
  • Create teams to develop the ultimate strategy
  • New adventures await with continuous updates
  • Open packs to win rare, super rare and legendary heroes
  • Collect them all to unlock the secrets & story of Korelis
  • Master missions and earn special quest rewards
  • Incredible graphics bring the world of Korelis to life

Legendary Game of Heroes Current Version Whats New: 

  • Head to Head battles with other guilds
  • New Defender Skills
  • New Counter Skills
  • Defeat the opposing guild and climb the Guild Leaderboard!
  • Improved graphics and performance!

Legendary Game of Heroes 1.7.1 Current Version Download Install Update: 


Legendary Game of Heroes Game Video



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