Battlestar Galactica Squadrons 1.0.29 Current Version latest Update Install Download

Battlestar Galactica Squadrons 1.0.29

If the world as you knew it was destroyed, how far would you go to get it back?                                      The Cylons have returned to the Twelve Colonies after a forty-year absence. Bent on revenge, they unleash nuclear weapons powerful enough to destroy human civilization... and nearly succeed. The only survivors of the Cylon assault are a ragtag fleet of civilian ships and the last remaining Colonial Battlestar: Galactica.
Battlestar Galactica Squadrons 1.0.29
As Commander of Galactica, you must lead the civilian fleet through uncharted space in search of a new home, while defending it from relentless Cylon attacks. These machines never sleep; letting your guard down for even a moment will cause not only your downfall, but also that of the entire human race.

Battlestar Galactica Squadrons Game Features: 

  • BATTLE waves of Cylons intent on your destruction.
  • CONSTRUCT a wide variety of Colonial combat ships from blueprints found on Galactica.
  • TRANSFORM your ships into high-performance fighting machines with scavenged technology.
  • ESCAPE an overwhelming Cylon onslaught by executing a faster-than-light JUMP!
  • DEFEND the civilian population that depends on you for protection.
  • And above all, SURVIVE long enough to continue the search for planet Earth, humanity's new home.

Battlestar Galactica Squadrons Current Version Whats New: 

  • Go To Links: In the hangar, go straight to the encounter that has the tech you need
  • Combat ship selection is now saved between fights
  • Balancing pass on the Boar Gamma, the Jackal Gamma and all ships that use sticky mines
  • The help section is now fully activated
  • Added support for Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese
  • Fixed various bugs and stability issues

Battlestar Galactica Squadrons 1.0.29 Current Version Download Install Update: 


Battlestar Galactica Squadrons Game Video



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