Root G900FXXU1BOJ1 Android 5.0 Stock ROM On Galaxy S5 SM-G900F - Simple Tutorial

A simple method to root G900FXXU1BOJ1 Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware is now available at NasirTech. Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F recently get updated to the G900FXXU1BOJ1 5.0 Lollipop Firmware. If you yet to update the firmware, then update the same by following this link- Update G900FXXU1BOJ1 Android 5.0 Lollipop on Galaxy S5 SM-G900F. Hope you updated this latest firmware on your device and now you can root the same using our simple tutorial below. The below guide will help you to root XXU1BOJ1 5.0 Lollipop Firmware running on Galaxy S5 SM-G900F. Continue reading the tutorial for complete guide.

After updating official firmware, your device no longer belongs to rooted device. So, after official firmware update, many of us prefer to root our device to enjoy some additional features that unrooted android device doesn't offer. With a rooted android device, you can install apps that ask root permission, flash various custom ROMs, install MODs and tweak various features. Root removes default bloatware apps that free-up lots of memory space and extend the battery life. However, once rooted, manufacturer warranty will be void. But you can regain the warranty by following proper unroot process. To know more about benefits of rooting android device, read- Complete Note on What is Rooting and Benefits of Rooting Android Phone.

Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F

So, want to root Galaxy S5 SM-G900F Running G900FXXU1BOJ1 5.0 Lollipop Firmware? Continue reading this page to get all the necessary steps to successfully root your device. The root file (CF-Auto-Root) we used in this tutorial is safe and have nearly 100% success rate. We'll use Odin software to flash the root file.

The tutorial is made with simple step by step guide, so that even an android newbie user can follow and successfully root his/her device. However, in this process you may loss your personal data and settings. So, we recommend you to follow all the backup instructions before proceed to rooting guide.


  • This rooting tutorial is only applicable for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F model. So, don't try this in any other android device. Check your device model number from- Settings-About Phone
  • Rooting voids your phone's manufacturer warranty. However, you can get back the warranty anytime by following proper unroot process or by flashing official firmware.
  • This guide is for educational purpose and you should try this at your own risk. We are not responsible if your device experience a soft brick after following this tutorial.


  • Check battery percentage, charge your device to a decent level of at least 60% battery power. Your device should not turn off during installation.
  • Turn on USB Debugging mode, go to Settings-Developer Options-USB Debugging
  • Backup important data and settings to external storage- follow this guide
  • Install USB driver for your device on your computer- Download Samsung USB Driver
All the above pre-requisites are very important and must be followed before proceed to installation guide. Hope you get all the above points and done as mentioned. Now, you are ready to move to the final step of this tutorial where we have arranged a step by step details guide to root Galaxy S5 SM-G900F running  G900FXXU1BOJ1 5.0 Lollipop firmware.

Steps to Root Galaxy S5 SM-G900F Running G900FXXU1BOJ1 5.0 Lollipop through Odin:

  1. Download CF-Auto-Root for Galaxy S5 G900F and extract the Zip file:
  2. Download Odin 3.09 and extract the Zip file: Odin3_V3.09.Zip
  3. Now, Switch off your phone and boot Galaxy S5 G900F into Download Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down+Home+Power buttons together (long press until the boot screen appear), now press Volume Up key to proceed to Download Mode.
  4. Run the Odin3 v3.09.exe file as an administrator (Right click on the .exe file and click on Run as administrator)
  5. Now connect your Galaxy S5 G900F to your computer via USB cable
  6. In Odin3 screen, you should see a COM Port number like “0:[COM7]” at ID:COM section and “Added!” text at the message box. This means your device has been detected by Odin3.
  7. Make sure that, only the “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” options are checked.
  8. Now, click on the AP (PDA in older Odin) button and select the CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltedx-smg900f.tar.md5 file.
  9. Finally, click on the Start button to begin the rooting process, wait few moments.
  10. Once completed, you would see “PASS!” message in ID:COM port having green background
  11. Your phone should automatically reboot after completion
  12. You can now disconnect your phone from computer
  13. Finish
Congrats! You have completed the tutorial to root Galaxy S5 G900F running G900FXXU1BOJ1 5.0 Lollipop Firmware. Hope you successfully done the rooting process. If you followed everything as mentioned in the above tutorial, then your Galaxy S5 G900F should now rooted and you have complete control over your device. Now, install apps that ask root permission or flash various custom ROMs. To verify your device is rooted or not, you can download and run the Root Checker App from Google Play Store. If you have any doubt or query about the tutorial, feel free to contact with us using the comment form below, and share your rooting experience with us.


  1. Does not work. Fails after start

    1. What fails? - details.

  2. After flashing I only see "recovery Booting" in blue,
    "recovery is not seandroid enforcing" in red,
    "set warranty bit" in yellow above the Samsung Galaxy S5 Logo.......

  3. Does not work. You have bricked my phone to unbrick I will need to reinstall the rom from odin :(

    1. We bricked our phones, he just provided some bad information to help us along....personally, wish I would have read the comments section before attempting this.

  4. Does not work. You have bricked my phone too

  5. It does not work.. I get this:
    "recovery booting.."
    "recovery is not seandroid enforcing.."

    Ok, my phone didn't get bricked. I only had to reinstall a stock rom with Odin, but still..
    And yeah, I did have G900FXXU1BOJ1 and everything seemed fine in Odin.

  6. Doesn't work, it will only brick your phone

  7. у меня тоже не работает ! (((

  8. Do not try any method all methods don't work and Samsung will not be releasing root files for this phone.

  9. Adam S you are wrong. I just rooting my S5 using this:

    Works with SM-G900F (International Qualcomm):

    It works with any European version G900FXXU1BOJ1

    Kltedx version is designed for S5 Dual Sim.

    1. Yes. You have to use this CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f

  10. if you get stuck with the recover set in yellow just take battery out and put in and reboot

  11. Anyone managed to root G900FXXU1BOJ1 successfully using CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f?

  12. Should I use

    I am confused!

    1. If you have SM-G900F (International Qualcomm) with G900FXXU1BOJ1 without DUAL-SIM you must use

      It works for me

  13. sir I have the same thing of some others
    RECOVERY BOOTING.... (in blue
    Set Warranty Bit : recovery (in yellow

  14. If you like an easy and fast root tool try the One Click Root tool. I used this tool a couple of times and it works really great.


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