What is Journal Voucher and How to Pass Journal Voucher Entry in Tally


Journal voucher entry mode is a special voucher mode in Tally where we can pass almost all types of accounting transactions. However, there are separate voucher mode for each type of transactions are available in Tally such as- Contra mode for Cash and Bank transaction, Payment mode for all Cash and Cheque payments, Receipt mode for all Cash and Cheque receipts, Purchase mode, Sales mode, Purchase Return mode, Sales Return mode and so on. All these transactions can also be pass through one single voucher mode that is Journal Voucher mode. If you do not want to change voucher mode for each type of transaction then just stay on Journal voucher mode and pass each transaction right from Journal mode. In this article, you’ll get a clear idea on what is Journal Voucher mode in Tally and how to pass journal voucher entry in tally. Go through the article.

As we said, the journal voucher mode is a special voucher mode where we can pass any types of transactions, actually all accounting transactions where one ledge has to be debit and other has to be credit. If you have little bit of Debit/Credit idea and able to find out debit and credit ledgers from a transaction then you can pass any transaction in Tally Journal mode. Nevertheless, we basically used to pass some adjustment entries in Journal voucher mode such as- Discount given to Debtors, Discount received from Creditor, Bad Debts, Depreciation and so on. Check out an example from below:

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Suppose, you have a Debtor (ABC Co) having due balance of Rs.15000 and you received a Cheque of Rs.9500 from the Debtor against their dues and later you provided Discount of Rs.500 to the Debtor. So, here you can pass the receipt of Cheque entry in Receipt mode and for the Discount you can use the Journal mode where Discount Allowed ledger will be debit by Rs.500 and ABC Co will be credit by Rs.500.
For Discount:

Dr/By  Discount Allowed A/c------------- Rs.500
Cr/To  ABC Co A/c---------------------- Rs.500

Now, check out another example, follow the step by step guide to pass a Depreciation entry through Tally Journal Voucher mode. So, start tally and open an existing company where already have an opening balance sheet. Open and check Balance Sheet report, check amount of a fixed asset ledger. Here you can see, the balance of Machinery is Rs.107700. See the image below.

Now, we will charge depreciation @10% for full year on Machinery, go to Accounting Voucher from Gateway of Tally and Press F7 for Journal mode. First select “Depreciation of Machinery” ledger or press Alt+C to create the ledger. In the amount field press Alt+C to activate the AutoValue Calculator and calculate 107700*10% and press Enter, the calculated amount will be automatically posted to the amount field. Now select the Machinery ledger, put narration and save the entry. See the image below.

Now, go to Balance sheet report and check the Machinery amount, the depreciation amount will be deducted from the Machinery and check the Profit and Loss report to see the Depreciation of Machinery ledger.

Thats it. We have also arranged a video tutorial based on the above tutorial, check out the below video guide.

The same way you can pass any transaction by debiting and crediting two ledgers or multiple ledgers. Hope you find the tutorial and video guide helpful for you and understand now what is Journal Voucher entry in Tally and how to pass Journal voucher entry in tally. If you have any queries related to the tutorial, feel free to contact with us using the comment form below and let us know how the process go on for you. Keep visit for more tally tutorials.      


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  4. Sir, what is the meaning of passing JVs instead of maintaining a purchase register by a company?

  5. Thanks for sharing your valuable concepts.I like your way to describe the thing.simple,straight to the points and impressive presentation Thanks Again

  6. can we make seperate entry for giving discount to debtors or pass single entry

    1. Both can be done depending on situation. If you allowing or receiving discounts while receipts money from debtors or paying money to creditors then you can pass the discount entry direct at the receipts and payments entry but if you allowing discount few days after receiving money then you can pass only the discount entry through journal voucher.

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  9. Recording of all transactions in one general journal is a time consuming, laborious and troublesome task. Under double entry system there are mainly 7 different types of journal in accounting.

  10. How to activate single entry mode in journal voucher..

    1. You can toggle between single entry and double entry mode in tally for Payment, Receipt and Contra voucher entry but not for Journal voucher entry. However you can toggle To/By instead of Dr/Cr in Journal voucher.


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